Spiritual Direction


Blessings on this very cold winter morning! Every morning, I ground myself by reading daily affirmations and healing meditations. There are many strong, wise, empowered women I’ve discovered on my journey. Caroline Myss speaks directly and touches my heart. I encourage everyone to find a way to ground yourself every day, by setting the intention of having a positive and productive day. The Universe receives and reflects the energy we emit. Love & Light worker Light

Peaceful CrossOver

imageIt finally ended today! Ironically, on the sad, third anniversary of a karmic roller coaster ride that had begun in July 2011 and finally concluded today in July 2014. An incredible juxtaposition- I’m happy that I was able to finally help a beautiful and vibrant spirit let go and crossover today in peace after so many years. I’m filled with gratitude that it was a peaceful crossover but at the same time, I’m feeling incredibly sad, the price, I personally paid was an enormous human sacrifice. In the end, it also destroyed a human connection in this, temporary life. I can’t believe it’s finally over.  

Three years ago, I wish I had known where the journey would lead, but of course I was kept in the dark- spirit led connections never let you know where the journey will take you. They are the ones calling the shots.
I guess I’m finally understanding the depth of what it means being connected with that other world. I wish the crossover hadn’t taken so long. However, in my heart I know that I was selected for a special reason. I did the healing work for which I was chosen and now I work on healing myself. I’m feeling blessed that you let go and are now finally able to rest in peace. I will miss our conversations. I understood your fears why it took you so long. I’m blessed to have known you for as long as I did. Perhaps someday those who you left behind will also be at peace. I remember the very first time I had watched the movie “ghost”, I had thought how amazing it would be to be able to do that for someone. I had no idea of my abilities back then, nor did I know that I would experience what I just experienced. This experience was so much more powerful than any movie you could watch. It has been the single most transformational experience of my life. I’m feeling a sense of relief. A sense of peace. My only wish is that I can’t share this news with her loved ones but I think maybe there will be a sign in the stars or the sky. Blessings & Peace

Peace Within

Friday Blessings,

Wishing everyone a blessed day, find the peace and joy in your life. Spend time with those you love, express gratitude for all the blessings in your life. Offer prayers for those who are sick and suffering. May God have mercy on them and ease their suffering. We are experiencing an energetic shift. We are becoming more multi dimensional beings. The key to understanding spirituality lies within the quote that “we are not human beings having a spiritual experience but spiritual beings having a human experience.” By having a strong sense of faith, belief in a higher power, belief in the after world and your spirit guides, all of this together will make you transcend the superficial material aspect of life. Those people around you,  will not recognize the changes you are experiencing, and if you share your experiences with others, they will be come frightened and not believe you or worse will think you are crazy,so be very careful and not talk about your connection with the other world unless you are around others who can understand it. I started my spiritual awakening a few years ago and it changed my personality. When I started to share my feeling and emotions with others, I could sense how uncomfortable others become so I’ve learned to no longer share with one else who isn’t on the same journey of healing the planet.  Blessings, Amen image

Three Choices

Three Choices

Goodnight Blessings,
Today was an emotional roller coaster! The second Monday that hasn’t gotten off to a terrific start. I had to spend sometime grounding myself and getting myself back on track. Learning to deflect negative energy takes time and practice. The positive aspect was a very powerful vision that came to me during my morning meditation. It startled me in a good way. So the lesson for today is that regardless of what the day brings, there is always a way to re frame your attitude and get grounded, never lose sight of what is important . I’ve gotten really good at not feeling sorry for myself or goinginto the victim mode when something negative happens. So there is a lot of wisdom and healing in this quote. Release your ego, emotion and attachment and your life will become so much better. All praise to the Divine for embracing me with this wisdom.



Goodnight Blessings,
My wish tonight is that I continue to stay in the present moment. Beautiful things happen in your life when you just let go and let God. By making yourself open to whatever the Universe has in store for you, life starts to unfold in a different way. I released all the attachments to situations and experiences that were holding me back. Now, I’ve experienced a rebirth, a new way of knowing and feeling. This is the beauty and sacredness of the spiritual awakening process. This overwhelming sense of calm resides in you, releasing you from the tension and restlessness of the past life.

Healing prayers going out to all who are suffering. May you find comfort and safety.

Love & Light