Pause and Remember


Goodnight Blessings, This is a wonderful reminder about understanding the importance of inner peace. Be still and accept the life you are leading is perfect for you. Do good. Be good. Don’t worry about things that aren’t in your control, especially what others say to you or about you. None of that matters. Think about your highest good. Think about why you are here. To be a beacon of love and compassion and service. Love & Light



Blessings to everyone! Remember to stay present and focus on your breath a few times a day. I’ve been reminding myself to do that more often too. When I feel stress, I forget to breathe. This past week has been very humbling. It is so easy to take our health for granted- especially the simple things like putting on your socks or being able to walk up a few stairs. Every since my fall last week, I’ve had to practice a lot of patience with myself and with others. I’ve had to ask others for help, which is so difficult for me. So special prayers to everyone who is experiencing a similar challenge and appreciation for all others’ who live with various disabilities, and they do so without complaining and with so much courage. I’m grateful. I’m blessed. Love & Light