Second Goodbye

I let you go today

To find myself tomorrow

Allow you space and time

To find yourself as well

I let you go to know

I only had you borrowed

And won’t intend to keep you

Outside your lonely shell

In mystical realm

We are One soul or Twin Flames

Which means whatever far

We’ll never be apart

On current human plane

We are two sets of issues

That have to be worked out

Before we can unite

I let you run today

Because you make me weaker

And safety of your arms

Is calling me to dwell

You’d love to have me stay

But you are here to teach me

I must rely on no one

And only on myself

I let you go today

Because your heart is fastened

And sharing how you feel

Stirs up your ancient pains

It hurts to let you go

But I am here to teach you

That it’s okay to feel

And open up and care

We’ll blink around in space

Like mutual Ignis Fatuus

Alluring as they call

But have to be escaped

We let each other go

To ride our lonely whirlwinds

That when the time is right

We will meet again



Today was a great day!
Had an opportunity to connect with some old friends.
Reminder how nice life can be when we enjoy our friendships.
Blessings and gratitude for all the wonderful people who support me, uplift me and are there for me when I need them.
May everyone be surrounded by love and compassion

Empowered Women

Empowered Women

Saturday Blessings,
I was blessed to have an opportunity to attend a Women Empowering Women workshop facilitated by the founder of Woman Within, an excellent non profit organization whose mission is for women to discover their own authentic voice and to heal the part of them that is wounded. Every time I sit in circle and form a connection with other strong authentic women, I’m reminded that I am not alone. My challenges and struggles are similar to these other women. I can speak my truth. I can ask for what I need. They look at me with compassion and love. What an amazing feeling! To be loved and accepted for who you are- no judgement, no having to prove your worth. I’m feeling grateful and honored for all the new sacred connections.

Many blessings on this beautiful day.
May you all be surrounded by love and sacred connections.

Two Edged Sword

Two Edged Sword

Goodnight Blessings,
Sharing an excerpt below from an excellent article I just read about the feelings associated with shame. I’m working on healing stuff from my past and am learning to tackle this emotion. It’s definitely the most challenging one! Sending healing prayers to all.

Shame is probably the most pervasive and least understood of all human experiences.

If you accept the premise that we are innately predisposed, even hardwired, for connection (connection with other people, connection with ourselves, connection with the divine), then any difficulty with such connection is going to produce pain in our being. Disruption in the bridge of connection is experienced in the body as a sense of wanting to curl in and lower the head. It’s often accompanied by a lossof energy. This is a very vulnerable state where the delicate nature of our essence seems at risk. This is the shame experience – this reflexive, protective covering and tenderness plus all the accompanying thoughts.

Because of the extreme vulnerability and the magnitude of what is at risk, we usually add another layer of protection. We may go to VERY great lengths to hide this reflexive protection (as well as the jewel hidden within). We may cover it over with perfectionism. With the arrogance of needing to be right. With the cover of anger. Or by simply wanting to disappear and have no one see us.

Often we can only find the shame by first becoming aware of these strategies and then looking underneath to see the protective pulling in. And then the jewel sheltered within, the jewel of our essence.

We name it. There is a Chinese proverb that says, “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their rightful names.” When we name this protective pulling and all that goes with it as “shame,” by extension, we are also saying this is not the Truth, not the truth of who we are.

We are also pointing toward the medicine. Since shame occurs when connection is damaged or broken, the medicine is to reconnect. The ultimate reconnecting is with the Divine.

Shame is a two edged sword. In one sense we are hurt so deeply and intimately; and on the other hand, shame can become the perfect door of vulnerability to a most profound connection to The One.

-Sufi University

Strong Enough

Strong Enough

Morning Blessings

Happy Birthday to me! Feeling blessed and grateful for this beautiful life. Each day a new beginning to make a good choice. Learn something new, help someone, connect with someone. and show appreciation for our Mother Earth.
Thought for the day, if we all did one kind thing a day, wouldn’t our world be such a better place. Let us all practice kindness and gratitude. My mantra for the year.

Love, light, peace and healing blessings to all my fellow soul, wherever you are, remember we are all connected.

The Learning

The Learning

I’ve always believed this to be true. You learn more from the painful experiences then the happy ones. Yesterday, I spent the day away from the city at a beautiful retreat. Spent time at a historic cabin tucked away in nature. I was surrounded by this magnificent lake. I went for a long nature walk on my friends 500 acre property. I listened to the birds singing, the waves hitting the beach, cool breeze in the air. I collected a few treasures on the way. A feather, flowers, rocks, sticks. I came back from my walk and made a dreamcatcher from the sticks I had collected. Later, my friends and I built a big camp fire and we sat in a circle with a guitar and some drums and we sang songs. It was a beautiful moment. When we were walking back to the cabin, I looked up at the night sky. There was no moon, just a big beautiful night sky. Stars shining so bright. I said to myself. This is what life is- celebrating the small perfect moments. I’ve let myself get caught up reacting to events that really aren’t important. Sometimes you experience something that jolts you into the right direction. So friends, look for the learning moments, teach yourself the lessons that are important for your personal and spiritual growth. Surround yourself with good people who have large hearts. Today I’m feeling loved and connected with the Divine!