Pause and Remember


Goodnight Blessings, This is a wonderful reminder about understanding the importance of inner peace. Be still and accept the life you are leading is perfect for you. Do good. Be good. Don’t worry about things that aren’t in your control, especially what others say to you or about you. None of that matters. Think about your highest good. Think about why you are here. To be a beacon of love and compassion and service. Love & Light



Goodnight Blessings, All human beings must die. None of us knows exactly how much time each of us has on this beautiful planet, yet instead of cherishing all the memories, appreciating all that we have, time is wasted on silly trivial things. Every time I learn about someone’s passing, I remind myself. Am I living my life’s purpose? Have I forgiven others? Am I holding on to any resentment or anger? Am I telling everyone that I love and care for them? Am I staying focused on the present moment? Life is a precious gift! Never forget on the good days or the bad days. Love & Light, TrueSpirit


Morning Blessings!

Each day is a fresh start, a new beginning, we can make a difference. Even if we are able to help one person, touch a soul in some way, offer love and support, we are contributing to the healing of the world. We all have the power within us. Never forget to shine your light on yourself and others.

Lightworker Love