Favorite place


Noble soul

Gratitude day 3. Today I am grateful for my work and for everything I’m able to provide for myself and my family. I’ve been blessed with many opportunities and I don’t appreciate all I have because I let silly stuff get in the way. No job is perfect but I can find meaning in what I do every day. Look for the silver lining.

Set free

This is very powerful! I used to believe that if you love someone enough you can save them from pain, from hurt, from struggle and from heartache. And if you believe in them and are present for them that will set them free. That isn’t true at all. No one can save another person because every person has to do their own work. It is a solo path. I saw my mom at her low point after my grandmother had passed and I did everything to help her overcome her grief but she had to find her way out of darkness. I was there for my brother after his diagnosis with his ankle injury and I watched him not able to walk, or drive or play sports and I tried to overcompensate in every way but he had to find an alternative path. There are others who I loved along the way. I have been their cheerleader, Ive pushed them to believe in themselves and to follow their path and break free. I recognize that I was only a tiny part in all these stories. They had to forge their own path and find meaning in their life. I love the quote that we are all walking each other home. So now I take a step back and observe what others are doing and I silently cheer them on.