Who am I


Let go

Up until a few years ago, I had great difficulty in letting go of sudden changes. This could be people, places, or things until I was faced with a situation where I had to completely let go of it all. A place I called home for almost 25 years, things such as my home and personal possessions and the hardest was people whom I had grown to love, respect and depend on in my daily life.

This new start was extremely painful but it also taught me that to grow one must move forward. I read a quote recently that there is a reason the front windshield is so large and the rear view mirror is small. We don’t get do overs in life. We only have the present moment and that is ours to spend as we choose.

We have patterns and lessons that keep repeating in our life because we don’t listen to the message. For me, rejection is relationships has been a catalyst for holding me back from loving others and being vulnerable. When I changed myself to be open and to love others and be vulnerable, I was still rejected over and over again and it was soul crushing for me to experience but it also made me face my worst fear.

Sometimes you can love something with all your heart and the love is not returned. That is perfectly ok. There is nothing wrong with you. Just move ahead and try a new experience, a new relationship and eventually you will find experiences that are meaningful.


People who will love you and will value your time and effort and energy and that is what soul growth is about.


Learning to know when it is time to be ready for new changes.