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True Twin Flame

There is so much inaccurate information and misinformation on the subject of twin flames and soul connections that it can be very frustrating for us who have experienced this spiritual encounter.

Reading a confusing article tonight, I felt compelled to express my thoughts here.

First twin flame encounters are rare. Second they are not a Hollywood version of romance- (yes, human love is a part of soulmate relationships) but twin flames are entirely at the soul level. Your connection is a divine connection. It is not something you have control over. Believe me if there was a choice I would have run the other way.

So this divine connection, it is a relationship that is pure and unconditional, meaning it is not dependent on any human relationship. If a twin dies or is separated by choice (the other twin isn’t aware of the connection or makes the purposeful choice to not participate), the connection still remains because we are all spiritual beings. Humans are mere mortals and our bodies die, but our spirits and souls continue forever. We are stardust!

I went through so much turmoil when I had my dark night of the soul experience several years ago, I couldn’t process, that through this spiritual awakening, I was also going to become connected with my spiritual soul partner. This was the most challenging experience because it defied all rational logic and thought. I’m sure I went through an entire year thinking I was losing my mind. It took me several years to fully comprehend what this experience was about. Now, I can reflect on it without any emotion as it is basically very simple. It’s like having a personal guardian angel. Someone you pray for and send unconditional love and blessings too. It is a feeling of spiritual love, safety and -a deep bond similar to how you feel about your creator. It gives me comfort to know that when this human life is over,  my soul will continue to be connected with and protected by my twin.

There is nothing bad, dark, evil, or wrong about this connection. It annoys me when I read negative stories about these connections or romanticized versions as if this is a modern day Romeo and Juliet. Further twin connections can exist within a myriad of relationships, parent-child-husband-wife- or strangers who become friends when you encounter this spark and a feeling that you’ve either met this person before on a soul level or you feel so safe with them that you can share all your personal demons and become completely vulnerable with this other person. It only happens once. You might have several soulmate relationships but the way you feel about your twin is unlike any other relationship. The thought of your twin is always on your mind. You don’t stop thinking about them whether they are with you or not. You can also remain connected to what they are feeling. For some twins, they are able to connect via dreams or meditations especially those that are not connected in life due to death or other separation.

I consider myself profoundly blessed to have experienced this connection in my real life- human life. For me, it was an intense roller coaster ride and it was all over in 36 months, however, it will always remain one of the most significant relationships of my life. We are no longer connected in this Earth life. Not my choice. Being apart does feel like your heart has left your body. However, our connection was never dependent on being able to be physically connected to another person. We lived separate lives for three plus decades and God willing will live for many more. I wish things had worked out differently and that we could have continued to appreciate the value and love that is the foundation of this connection but the reality is that less than one percent of these relationships survive because there is so much intensity and overwhelming emotion that one twin usually runs away.  All that means is that there is more soul growth to occur before you and your twin will reunite forever. This might take several lifetimes and you don’t know if the next lifetime the relationship presents itself in a different way.

My personal experience is how I finally understood that this was indeed the real deal. Any other relationship that had caused such a volatile range of emotions, and had rocked me to the core- so much joy and such heartbreaking heartache- you would want to move on from that right? Nope, that is what a twin flame connection is all about- to teach you what the Creator wants you to understand in this very short human life. Some will understand this message and others will not. We are put on this Earth for a purpose. We don’t just exist. There is a purposeful path and we are here to accomplish it.

Humility, compassion, kindness, sadness, pain, loss, despair are a few of  the many other emotions that  are a part of this unique twin flame journey. So it is not meant to be a fun experience. We don’t appreciate light until we see darkness, our shadows are always with us and we mortals are deeply flawed. Imagine the journey of a butterfly! The flame concept is like a moth being attracted to a flame. We are attracted to others that are on a similar path and your twin and you are the same basically. Your path and soul journey is similar.

My twin didn’t experience any of what I experienced. To their credit, they tried to humor me and play along for a while and than when they couldn’t continue they decided to walk away and end the relationship. This lead to the phase of intense soul growth and further understanding that too is a part of twin connection. You are reflecting on the other soul all the work you have to do in this life. For me those issues revolved around, rejection, abandonment, codependency, emotional abuse, inner child trauma, loss of loved ones and not grieving the loss. All these topics were reflected in this 36 month relationship. A person came into my life as a total stranger and in 3 years compelled me to change my life trajectory. This is how powerful these encounters are. Now if someone went up to them and said my name they probably wouldn’t remember who I was or if they did would probably not say anything kind or positive (my judgment not sure what they would say) about the experience but my point is that this experience is entirely personal. They too were on a similar journey of soul growth and personal discovery to embrace their own authentic self. I hope that on some level I helped them as much as they helped me. Since our relationship ended abruptly despite my fighting to hang on for two years we never got to discuss this relationship and how impactful it was for me perhaps one day our paths might cross again. Twins are always hopeful and optimistic but accepting of what the situation is. One twin might be on one particular level of soul growth and the other on a different one. There is no right or wrong level nor is one better or more evolved than the other. Each twin has to keep doing their own work and know that the other twin is rooting for them and cheering them along.

So if anyone out there is experiencing something that makes no sense. Remember you are not alone, this too shall pass, look for the lesson although it might not come for many years. You will get to the other side. In the end. Love prevails and there is a happy ending not just an ending like the movies.

So with that I’ll end by sending shout out to my twin and to all the other twins who are here making a better difference in this world!

Love and deepest soul blessings



Twin flame signal💕💕

I don’t know why I’m missing my soul partner more than normal this month. Perhaps the eclipse changed something. I hope all is well. Perhaps more soul growth is occurring. Sending out extra love and blessings tonight! Love you!