Within yourself

my life changes in an instant when I realized that only I had the power to do it all. To love myself, to believe in myself and to follow my path and make it come to fruition.



This is sweet Moby .. my sweet cat nephew. Asking for healing prayers for this sweet boy. today was such a tough day! My younger brother recently got married and he is in his honeymoon in Indonesia- about a 24 hour flight away. While he was away- Little Moby became very ill, seriously ill, so I decided to fly across the country to take care of him. I was hoping I would not have to make the decision for him to have surgery but I did have to do that today. I was scared. I was confused, but in my heart, I knew I had to do everything I could to try and save his life. I didn’t want to make the call to my brother and tell him the news that something had happened to his beloved Moby. I’ve learnt a lot this week. People have said to me- are you crazy for dropping everything and flying all the way to California just to take care of a sick cat.

The answer will always be yes! Our humanity lies in what we can do for another living thing who can’t even tell you what is wrong. Unconditional love is about holding space and being there wherever you are needed. Taking car of Moby this week has been an experience I will never forget. He has taught me so much today. Last night I just sat there and watched him breathe. What a gift is that we are given, the gift of life.

I’m grateful to God for answering my prayer and that Moby has made it through this procedure. We don’t know what his prognosis is but the goal is to take it one day at a time.

May he continue to heal and recover and be reunited with my brother soon. Amen!

Thank God for granting me courage and strength to make the tough call today! In my mind it was the only call.

Prayers for healing for all who are suffering tonight. Amen!