Twin Flame

This is one of the best descriptions and images of twin flame concept I’ve seen in a while

So many people that believe they have encountered their Twin Flame are so obssessed to have a relationship and become a couple that they are missing that it is quite irrelevant to become a couple. This relationship is not about that but about awakening. One can join in union with the TF if they are both ready, but that is not what this is about. We are ONE, that means we are not separate…. couples join because they are divided, they are 2 wanting to be one. The greatest gift of Twin Flame Meeting is awakening to unconditional love, that one that vibrates in higher dimensions that the ego and its desires for love and gratification…… This is a way of the spiritual warrior, facing our deepest darkness and our light. The Twin Flame is the greatest mirror we will ever have…..

Don´t miss the purpose, look inside and find the answers.

Learn and grow from the experience


Winged prism

This photo captures the exact moment when sunlight traverses the feathers of the black and white hummingbird and reveals a secret of nature that cannot be captured by our eyes. It is important to say that the photo does not count with any form of manipulation, it is pure nature!”

This is an award winning photo… “Winged Prism” by Christian Spencer, taken in the Brazilian Rainforest in 2014.


I love this image! This life journey is such a special gift! Although we can’t control all the people that we come in contact with but we can select a few precious souls who we can be vulnerable with and be our authentic self around and we can know that no matter what we tell them they will be there holding space, smiling and loving us back! 💕