Super moon

pictures never do it justice. Look up if you get a moment and see the beautiful moon tonight!



Spring and renewal

Today is the first day of Spring! We made it. Time to plant new seeds and watch them grow.

Time for renewal… new beginnings

Random thoughts this morning

This will be my beautiful niece’s first Spring and we get to see her change every day.

Yesterday, I reflected on connection and love and recalled how I’ve been blessed to open my heart to love. And I stated that the love wasn’t returned. I was wrong.

Love was returned. I felt it then and even last night and just now I felt the same feeling.

Those connections and experiences don’t end with the individual isn’t a part of your active life.

Society puts pressure to define relationships in a weird box.

When you add the word love in the mix it gets more complicated.

When you tell another soul you love them, you never know how they will hear this.

The point I was making was about the power of soul connections.

The way I expressed myself and felt about others is what wasn’t returned as I felt other individuals failed to comprehend where I was coming from. A place of love and trust- it was the intensity of my love for them that created the conflict. People on the receiving end hear it differently, experience emotions differently. Deep inside they might be feeling a cauldron if emotions but outwardly they don’t express any emotions. I also said to myself. That a love so pure, deep and positive just doesn’t evaporate. It resides forever in the stars. It resides in the blue ocean waves. It resides in my heart.

So even after all these years. My heart is still full. The love didn’t go away. That is what fills me up today!

Love & More Love

The happiest time in my life was when I opened my heart to love! I allowed myself to be vulnerable and to tear down all the walls and just be free and to express my love and joy and connection. For a while that was the best feeling in the world. Although it didn’t last long and the love wasn’t returned I still can remover the joy and internal fulfillment to know that there is another person in the world rooting for tour success. To have someone ask you how you are feeling and to be there to witness your daily struggles but to also be there to celebrate with you each magical sunrise abc breathtaking sunset. To read a few words of poetry and allow it to resonate in your soul. Those innocent moments are what brings souls together! I hope I am able to find true soul connections in the future! They are so rare! I’ve been lucky to have found these connections a few times in my life. The memory of these moments still fill my heart with joy and I treasure these memories. 💕💕💕💕

Irish Blessing

5 years ago on St Patrick’s Day. I was told by a former boss to go home and think about my future . She was trying to intimidate me into quitting my job as this lady was in my opinion a racist and didn’t like me but she could not make it o books so she tried to make it about my job performance. That was a tough day and that was the start of one of the most challenging years of my life. It seems such a long time ago now and I have changed so much as a. Person but each year since that day I would have a memory of that day. Today I take the day back before and I don’t give her any power over me. Actually I have zero emotion from that incident now. That action put me in a different trajectory and now I am in such a better place. sometimes when something bad happens it is propelling is in a new direction so just be patient and don’t sweat the small stuff. There will be people you encounter that don’t like you it has nothing to do with you instead focus on the many many people who do.

May the luck of the Irish be with you!

Our purpose

very few people have the ability to reflect deep enough beyond what society has programmed in their mind. Our lives have become robotic and void of connection because we lack understanding. We are not here to earn a paycheck or pay bills. Those that understand find themselves in a different dilemma. They become the misfit, the outsider looking in.