Spring Sunrise


I was feeling sad today until I saw a picture of this glorious pink sunrise. People always ask me why I am so drawn to sunrises and sunsets, my response is always the same. Each time that I look at a sunrise or sunset that is when I feel closest to God. I see the Divine painting a beautiful picture and guiding us, telling a story of how our day will be. May we all take a moment each day to catch our breath and to communicate with the Source.

Spring Blossoms

Spring Blossoms

Perfect picture- each blossom tree represents a rebirth, a new beginning, hope, optimism, a fresh start,
They last only for a few days just long enough to remind us to stop, pause and appreciate what we have and not what we have lost.

God’s Face

Many famous philosophers and poets have suggested that our eyes are the window to the soul. I believe this to be true. All you have to do is look carefully and stare into someone’s eyes for a few minutes and you can connect with what they are feeling.

You can see hurt, pain, joy, sadness, love and so many other emotions just by looking into someone’ eyes. You can also see God’s face.
You can see light and hope.
This is why I believe how important it is to connect with others. Even for a precious moment- we should never be afraid to make this connection.
This is what is lacking in our society today. People are afraid to connect, to care, to love and express affection.
We need to be more open, more vulnerable. This is what I try to do, search for God’s face in each and every soul I meet on this beautiful planet.

Happy April 1st 2013- Glory of God!

Happy April 1st 2013- Glory of God!

A perfect day! Beautiful sunset….
The day began with a perfect sunrise and ended with a magnificent breathtaking sunset!
God is Great! When I look outside and see these images, I see God’s face and I feel his embrace and everything in that moment is perfect.