Greatest messages

🌺 Life isn’t about all the happy times we have. It’s about living through all the challenges life has given us, and all that we have ever been through…

Your greatest messages in life will come from your deepest hurts and your hardest challenges. But your story could be just the words needed to make a difference in someone Else’s life…

Never Ever Think it’s all for nothing! ~ Lenny Shaw

Photo: Ole Henrik Skjelstad

Pain has to be felt right?

So the worse thing you can do on an anniversary…. 6 years this month is to go back and read old messages, cards, emails and letters…it makes you feel connected to the experience but then the loss hits you like a ton of bricks. I wish I didnt have a photographic memory and that I didn’t remember, dates and moments like I do!

When you love something, you set it free, if it comes back it is yours and if it doesn’t it never was…. this was a quote on a painting in a room where I grew up. Who knew I would experience this first hand.