Rumi- Happy 70th! Abu

This is an oldie but goodie- also shout out to my dad on his 70th birthday. Special treat he is spending the day with his grand baby. Continued prayers for his health and peace of mind to live life in his own terms. My dad is anything but a conventional Dad but he gave me life and for that I’m grateful and in his own way he has tried to parent us and at the end of the day all I can do is accept him for who he is and to not judge him for his mistakes.

5 years

Reflecting back 5 years and honoring the journey and remembering a special friendship. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years.since the end.sometime people come in your life and they leave lasting footprints. I was able to experience so much in the 22 months I knew this person. For me the greatest gift was experiencing a pure unconditional love. This is where you root for the person, you believe in them and pray for them to overcome all the obstacles they are experiencing. It has been a joy to see this person overcome their fears and slay their demons and to shine a light and to make a real difference in the world.

Never under estimate the power your words and deeds can have on others. Just like a teacher, a mentor isn’t around to see the impact of what they do- I feel the same. Even though I’m no longer a part of their life. Yes, people can be fond of others but still out grow a relationship. People can end relationships and yet still remember the good.

I take pride that I knew these days would come. Seeing others succeed who you knew at one point in your life is a gift. Today, I reflect back on fond memories and always carry the lessons learned with me.


When you are aware that each person progresses at his or her own rate, when you are aware that the mistakes others make are more painful to them than anyone else, then, in your awareness, you will hold for them. You will never take away your love because of something they do or don’t do.

-John-Roger, DSS