Woman Within

Credit to Woman Within Central USA for posting this great message. This is a great organization. Visit woman within.Org to check it out.


True heroes

The concept of saving makes no sense. It refers to codependency in relationships compared with empathy and compassion. I learned a few years ago the concept of holding space. It is about being present and supportive and allowing others to walk their own path but knowing they have you in their corner. You are like the safe place a safety net that they can rely on. This means listening to them cry, hold them when they ask for a hug, laughing through the tears or listening to whatever story they have experienced. It’s painful to watch others in pain. Not an easy skill to adopt but after working with a non profit for several years and participating in trainings I’ve gotten somewhat better at this concept. I find it easier to hold space for strangers than with my own family. When you have close relationship is it more difficult to create the distance.