this is very powerful. I spent most of my life thinking about and worrying about how other people define me and especially fear of being rejected or ignored or unloved because I struggled to have successful relationships and when I finally let my walks down and opened my heart to others and they left me I felt broken at the soul level. Now I realized the only validation I need is from within. The only love I need is to unconditionally love myself. Your entire worldview changes when you can understand this concept.


Thinking about and honoring my grandmother today on her 102 birthday. She passed when I was a teenager yet her lessons live with me everyday. The greatest lesson was that education is critical for women in the developing world. We. Yay have skills to stay empowered and not depend on the opposite sex to get by. She was from a more traditional time period but all of her four daughters have doctoral degrees so that is a testimony to the importance she played on education. Miss you Ammaji