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The wounded one

“You do not heal ‘from’ trauma.

You simply come to know yourself

as Life Itself.

And you turn towards the wounded place.

And you flush it with attention,

which is Love.

And maybe the wound will always be with you.

Maybe you will always walk with the hurt.

But now, you hold it. It doesn’t hold you.

You are the container, not the contained.

It doesn’t control you any longer, the wound.

Because it is drenched in awareness now.

Drenched in You.

Loved by You.

Even celebrated by You.

You do not heal ‘from’ trauma.

You find healing ‘in’ the trauma.

You find yourself at trauma’s sacred core.

The One who is always present.

The One who can bear

even the most intense feeling states.

And survive.

The Indestructible One.

The Infinite One.

The Powerful One.


Author: Jeff Foster (www.lifewithoutacentre.com)this is for my friend. Trenice. Heaven gained another angel today. So I sit her in shock. I’m numb again. Not feeling or processing but here comes the cycle again. My mantra is every day! Be kind, be compassionate, life is fragile, we are never promised a tomorrow, our time on earth is limited and on and on I go- convincing myself. Yet, death and I have a unique relationship. Whenever it touches me closely, death of a friend, like today, death of a relative, death of a relationship. I’m paralyzed and frozen in time. Not sure what to do! After some time, the pattern starts again! I don’t understand this cycle. I’ll never understand it. I guess my mind is too fragile to think and understand. Tonight I go back to thinking and remembering my friend Trenice. A beautiful soul, who loved life. Was so much fun to be around. Rest In Peace. Dear friend.


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