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Reflection on Mindfulness

Well since I have all this free time this weekend, I thought I’d reflect on my word of the year for 2018, mindfulness . I didn’t set a resolution this year, instead I chose to focus on this word in key areas of my life. I’ll score myself an 8/10 for the year.

I was successful in healthy goal setting for changing my eating habits.

I’ve lost 30 pounds so that is a positive accomplishment and I’m extremely proud of myself

Also I did well with exercising regularly and sleeping much better by going to bed at same time every night. I think in 2019, I’m going to try yoga. I’ve not been successful with yoga in the past but I think this time I’ll do better. New goal! Yay!

Lots of travel this year! Got to see many new places! I hope to continue to explore more places next year

Next year- my word will be Creativity!

I want to take on a hobby that explores my creativity- photography and painting are two that I’m interested in!

Mental self care- note time for meditation and journaling- not spent enough time in this arena

Mantra for the year 2019

Live in the moment!

Word- Creativity-


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