Look for the helpers

I’m thinking of Mr. Rogers message tonight. When there is hurt and darkness and so much sadness then we must look for the helpers. Let’s focus on being even more kind and compassionate to others. Smile and say please and thank you more. It costs you nothing to be a decent human being. We can’t control the acts of others. We must keep our focus of what action we do have control over.

Saint Augustine

I love lighthouses! I’ve always been fascinated with them. Today I got to visit this special lighthouse in Saint Augustine- one of the oldest cities in our nation. It was peaceful and hopeful. I capture this picture as the sun was starting to set and I thought to myself, no matter how dark and dreary and scary the world might seem, there will always be light somewhere. May we always be the light seekers! May we strive to be a force of good. May we be kind and compassionate to others. May we forgive others and May we offer love and prayers for healing to all who are suffering in some way.