Rest In Peace Sweet Moby

Our sweet Moby is now in heaven. We had him in our family for 7 and half years but he gave us so much love with his feisty spirit and was the best companion for my brother who went through many ups and downs and Moby was with him all. The last month has been so challenging seeing Moby fight this tough illness. My brother advocated for him, took him to the best doctors and spared no cost because as he told me. Moby is family and you never stop fighting for your family. So thank you Moby for loving us and for being such a treasured member of our family. We will miss you and no one will ever replace you!

You are free now and in no more pain.


Holding space

Thinking of a dear friend who lost her mom today. I had been praying for her peaceful passing all week and even though the news is sad, my friend is taking comfort in the fact that she is no longer in pain or suffering.

Every life has to end someday and truthfully we are all walking each other home.