At Last

I’m feeling humbled and grateful to have witnessed a beautiful ceremony! A celebration of love and respect, growth, kindness and ability to compromise and learn to listen to the other person. My new sister in law is a beautiful person inside and out! She shares my love of the ocean and white sandy beaches. She believes in working for a company who helps homeless people and under served communities. She is an adventurer who loves to travel and see the world. Most of all, she is the perfect life partner for my little brother. Thank God for bringing someone so nice and kind in his life. May they continue to be blessed in every way. Amen!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy and so excited to finally arrive in beautiful San Diego to celebrate my brother’s weddings. I got sick yesterday but by the grace of God and many prayers I’m starting to feel better today! Praying for the couple. May their love always guide and sustain them. May they always be kind and respectful to each other. May God bless them with beautiful children and many years of companionship.