Let someone

Nice reminder from a few years ago!


Gratitude day 5! Today is the one year anniversary of the closing of my home. It was a happy day last year and this morning I had to leave for an early flight, I was able to stop and take a moment to pause and reflect on the last year. I expressed my gratitude for my safe place. A place that has brought me a lot of joy, peace and comfort.


Gratitude journal day 4, today I’m grateful for my home. I feel blessed to have a safe place that is mine. I’m grateful that I live in a beautiful city close to the ocean. I feel peaceful and grateful for all the choices I made that helped me achieve this milestone.

Noble soul

Gratitude day 3. Today I am grateful for my work and for everything I’m able to provide for myself and my family. I’ve been blessed with many opportunities and I don’t appreciate all I have because I let silly stuff get in the way. No job is perfect but I can find meaning in what I do every day. Look for the silver lining.