United we stand

Demagogues survive by fostering hatred. We won’t allow anyone to divide us up by our religion, country of origin or the color of our skin. Bernie Sanders
Love trumps hate!

These are challenging times. We must resist acts of tyranny. We must let our voices be heard. We must protect the innocent. We must not tolerate religious persecution or discrimination against those fleeing war and persecution. We must not abandon our morality our values of decency and compassion. 

Sending prayers and love for peace and harmony!


Change the world

Thank you President Obama for your service and for inspiring an entire generation to never stop believing in a powerful word! Hope!

You will be missed and I’ll always remember the historic moment you took the oath of office!

Prayers to the universe to bless this nation the next four years and for safety of all those that are fearful now. Sending blessings for our nation!

Love and light