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This! Life teaches many lessons. That’s why we are here. We learn  We grow  We forgive and we keep moving ahead.
For me personally, each painful experience has paved the way for some deep awakening and led me to deeper spiritual connection. If we recognize that other people’s actions aren’t about us but instead them working through their own pain and growth we learn to have compassion. Not saying that pain, hurt, rejection aren’t genuine emotions. I believe one must embrace all the feelings and not stuff them inside otherwise they will come out sideways. I’m growing into the understanding that every situation happens for a reason and even when we don’t understand why we are faced with a certain challenge we should accept it and not question it. Recently, I’ve learned about so many people getting serious illnesses that could be life threatening and that has made me feel sad but I’m trying to accept the lesson that some of us are given more time to spews our gifts while others have less time. Same thing with our careers and professional obligations- some choices offering lot of positive learning and others are setbacks. That is my reflection for today. 


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