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The journey

Today was a very sad day!  The moment I saw the breaking news of a plane crashing into the mountain in my country of origin, I went into a panick not knowing the identity of the pilot. My young nephew daily flys that route. I could not bring myself to read the passenger manifesto. I knew 48 souls had perished. I sent him a message and he did not respond. For the next two hours I was frentic. Finally I looked at the manifesto and his name wasn’t on the list. I fell to the ground with so much relief and a few minutes later. He texted. He was in Malaysia. He was getting trained on a bigger plane. His best friend was the pilot who died. In that moment, I read the names again of all the other souls whose families lost everything in the blink of an eye. The sad part is that death is constantly around us. We are borne to die. That is the biggest truth of our morality yet we forget. We let the daily human struggles forget why we are here. We forget to love one another. We forget to be kind and compassionate to our fellow humanity. Tragedies like today are to remind us that any day could be our last day. Are we ready? 


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