Beautiful thingsĀ 

Love Khalil Gibran! The message here is live in the moment because it is yours! Don’t get caugh up in another persons story! The downside of technology is that we aren’t living enough. Yes! Ironic that I’m sharing this on my blog. I’ve made great progress to cut back on my social media usage. I think it serves a purpose to stay informed and connected with those who are far away but I’m bothered by all the fake news and distorted truth and cyber bullying that goes on so if we want a kinder, gentler, more compassionate world. We have to role model it!  šŸ’•

New Year! New beginnings!

Time to say farewell to 2016 and welcome to 2017! This is the time of the year when we pause and reflect on all that we gained and all that has changed and we are hopeful for what is coming next on the horizon.

There are so many things on the list that I’m grateful for in my 2016 gratitude jar. At the top of the list is my family! My parents and siblings who are healthy and I was able to see them all several times. When parents age it is a blessing that they are a part of your life. My siblings who both are busy yet we still managed to maintain a connection. I wish we were closer but I understand the demands of their careers and personal lives. I’m grateful for my beautiful new home! Every morning I wake up to such a gorgeous view. I’m grateful that I live in a city chosen by my heart! I’m close to the ocean and I get to go to the beach whenever I want and I go a lot. I’m grateful for Drum Circle Sundays! I’m grateful for my job and my professional co workers! I’m grateful for Luna my precious furry friend who gives me so much love and joy! I’m grateful for warm weather and sunshine in December. It does feel weird to have 80 degrees temperature in December although it has been a little chilly. I’m grateful for so many new beginnings this year and also for my beautiful circle of friends back home. I’m grateful I get to see so many of you when I visit and I’m so happy to stay connected. I’m grateful for all the travel I’ve done this year. Victoria, Nova Scotia, Toronto, Dallas, New York, Chicago, Birmingham, Austin, The European tour…. so many blessings….

I pray that in 2017 I can truly focus on my health and well being. More self care, eat healthier, excel use more, try two new hobbies, take a photography class so I can continue with my passion of taking picture of sunsets and sunrises. Take a cruise to Alaska or Hawaii or someplace I’ve not visited. And most important . I want to keep on loving people, spreading kinds and compassion and live in the moment. Be happy and joyful! Embrace it all!

Love and deep soul blessings!

Happy New Year 2017!

Prayers for more peace in the World! Amen! 

Prayers for all those who are sick may your pain and suffering be alleviated Amen! 


This! Life teaches many lessons. That’s why we are here. We learn  We grow  We forgive and we keep moving ahead.
For me personally, each painful experience has paved the way for some deep awakening and led me to deeper spiritual connection. If we recognize that other people’s actions aren’t about us but instead them working through their own pain and growth we learn to have compassion. Not saying that pain, hurt, rejection aren’t genuine emotions. I believe one must embrace all the feelings and not stuff them inside otherwise they will come out sideways. I’m growing into the understanding that every situation happens for a reason and even when we don’t understand why we are faced with a certain challenge we should accept it and not question it. Recently, I’ve learned about so many people getting serious illnesses that could be life threatening and that has made me feel sad but I’m trying to accept the lesson that some of us are given more time to spews our gifts while others have less time. Same thing with our careers and professional obligations- some choices offering lot of positive learning and others are setbacks. That is my reflection for today. 

I am with youĀ 

Some days we receive the reminder how short our time in this world really is…. this year has been filled with so much loss in various ways.  When a famous person dies we feel sad and think about our own loved ones and mortality itself. We are all born to die yet we keep forgetting this fact no matter how many times we witness others dying. I wish the focus would be on living your best life instead of regretting what will happen to all is us. I’m not saying that one must look forward to dying just sitting in awareness that we are mortal beings here to live a purposeful life. Some days I feel I succeed at this and other days I can do better. And the spiral continues onward. 

Beautiful day

Great message! The most precious gift we have is the gift of being alive. We can manifest great things if we focus and embrace what comes our way. Start each day with a blessing of thanks for another opportunity to spread love and kindness all around you.

Magical sunriseĀ 

This is a beautiful sunrise off Siesta Beach. The most beautiful, healing and peaceful place on Earth. Look at all the colors! See the magical flight of the birds flying free. This is a place where my soul feels like it is home. 
Wishing everyone a beautiful day!

Forever peopleĀ 

I love this so much!
Merry Christmas to all the forever people in my life! Those who tough it out even when storms come, through the dark days… who continue to love me unconditionally even with my flaws  and faults but they can still see the kindness,compassion, unconditional love and light that flows through my heart! I’ve been hurt a lot in my life by loving people who were not able to love me back, I’ve felt rejection and abandonment in relationships as a child and an adult but I’ve also been blessed with so much love and positive forces that I’m stronger and happier and grateful for all the lessons. The right people will find you and never leave you as long as you stay focused and determined to always do the right things. 

Merry Christmas Everyone!