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Greek Lighthouse

I love lighthouses! I’ve always been drawn to them and never understood why. They feel like a safe haven. A place to return home. I’m always dreaming of a special lighthouse in Greece. I’m surrounded by the ocean and there is always someone with me. We have the most amazing conversations. This place is magical. I used to think these were visions of a past life or a premonition of the future. I finally realized your dreams and visions are intuitive guidance from your Angels, your Creator. We don’t know the mysteries of the other world. For me- I do believe in Angels, I believe in Spirit Guides, I believe in twin flames, I believe in divine miracles.  Im comfortable in my spiritual path to recognize we have many different paths to reach our destination. The goal is to make good use of our human experience for this is a short journey. The real journey continues on and in that eternal world there is no hate, chaos, unkindness, evil, bad deeds. All is well. With these thoughts I can close my eyes and think about my special light house and hope that I dream of visiting there  soon and who knows maybe one day I shall return there and be surrounded by all the light and love. I’m grateful for my safe place.


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