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Big hearted America 

After seeing images posted on my Facebook wall- an image of  we will make America White again and another one saying brown people leave this country. I say no! This is our America! a beautiful country who fabric is woven with so many immigrant stories.  

Yes we can make a big hearted, loving and open America. We rise up one voice at a time! We don’t let the forces of darkness overshadow our bright light. We are here to raise the collective consciences of others to be a force of good. Positive change becomes with us. 

We have a choice how we lead our daily lives. 

We can create a more tolerant, loving, inclusive, kind, compassionate, generous, just and empathetic world. We don’t need politicians or celebrities or famous people to do that for us. We can start in our own communities and every single one of us can make a difference. Speak up! Have a voice! Do random acts of kindness. Talk to people who look different than you. Talk to people who are from a different background than yours. This can be economically different background or culturally different background or other aspects of diversity. Go out of your comfort zone. Be around others who you agree and disagree with. Listen to others’….. this should happen all the time and not as a reaction to a political event.

This quote above is my all time favorite Gandhi quote. We must be the change we want to see in the world. 

How will you rise to this challenge?



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