Autumn Renewal

One of my favorite quotes from Autumn 

The leaves are about to show us how beautiful it is to let dead things go-  for the longest time, I never understood how deeply profound this message was for me until recently when I was walking on the beach at sunset and not surrounded by any glimpse of Fall.  I love the changing of seasons and for me Spring and Fall have special significance. It felt weird not seeing the leaves changing colors this year so I went hiking at a place where I could see the leaves changing color. I stood there walking through the trail and examining the different leaves. What a great metaphor for life. Death is really a renewal. We are here in our human bodies for such a short term but in that duration we are born and experience many deaths. I see death as a transformation. Releasing the old and embracing the new. I think that is what Autumn teaches us. Embrace the renewal that will happen but also experience the death of the old. This is the beauty of our journey. It is not a tragedy! It is about learning and growing from each experience. Another reflection is that your body senses it even if you don’t physically witness it.