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This is truth 

I have been blessed with an open and loving heart. I have so much compassion and capacity to give love and sacrifice that many times it has consumed me. I have truly loved only a few people in my life – my family  and a few others – my definition of true deep unconditional love was to do anything and everything for them- at whatever cost to keep them happy- a few years ago, I finally learned that the only person who can make a person happy is you! Happiness and self love is an inside job! The greatest mistake we humans make is buying into the Holloywood version of love- “the you complete me” type of love that we think exists. Love is actually easy! It should not cost you pain or make you feel unloved or unworthy. Love is being free and open and sharing your joy and sorrow without judgment. This quote deeply resonated with me today as I was reflecting since yesterday how different my life is now. For so many year, I was surrounded by many people but I felt hollow, empty and alone. Now I am all alone but am stronger, full of live life and complete. This is the journey we walk. We think our path will lead us in one direction yet destiny takes us in another direction. We must keep moving forward. We must embrace the journey! Do good deeds! Yesterday I was in a mall when a young African American teenager came running by me and he was ordering food and he was thirsty and he didn’t have enough money to buy a drink. I gave him only 75 cents and I saw a big smile on his face- that to me was the greatest reward- when I read about people conquering their fears, healing themself and doing good in the world- that gives me hope! 


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