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Special friends

Today was a very special day! I got to reunite with a friend after 27 long years. I last met her in 1989, our lives changed dramatically, her mom passed away from Cancer and she moved to Europe while I moved to USA. We lost touch until 2007, when we were able to reconnect through Facebook. I got to see pictures of her beautiful family and stay in touch. She surprised me with the news that her family was visiting the USA for the first time. Today the special reunion happened. When I saw her, it felt like 1989, like no time has passed, we had fun reminiscing about all the fun from high school and how different our life trajectories turned out. I miss loosing touch with my roots, my country of origin, my childhood friends, I wish I had made a better effort to stay connected to my culture and my heritage. I’m keeping the happy memories from today in my heart and hope to reconnect from other friends from childhood. Grateful for the opportunity to relive the special moments from my teenage years.



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