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Yesterday I posted about the wonderful experience of reuniting with a childhood friend after 27 years! I gave her this gift of a green pen with all our initials. There is a sweet story about the green pen. It was a very unique experience we had shared when we were younger and wanted to be famous. We had started writing notes in assembly to the head girls with this moniker. We had a special voice and we were able to remain anonymous. We now have a chat group where we can talk and connect and be connected. The best part of technology. Childhood friends are the best as my friend put it there are “no wicked expectations and not convuluted or tainted”.  This is true. I’ve had a hard time establishing meaningful adult relationships because I was trying to recreate the losses from childhood. My expectations were all out of whack and I had trouble seeing people for who they are. I think I was meant to reconnect with my childhood friend so I could experience the love and joy and no expectation. Her children are so beautiful, mini mi’s. I feel sad that I don’t have my own family and my own kids but I hope that I day in the future I will meet a nice guy and have my own family. Right now I can be happy and joyous for my special sweet childhood friends. May they stay blessed and happy. Amen 


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