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All lives matter

When’s it all going to stop? This is not just about gun laws and crime. This is not just about racism. This is not just about hate crimes. This is not just about what happened today in Dallas, or about what happened in Iraq last night, or about what happened to Alton Sterling and Philando Castile this week – losing their lives for basically having black skin…The suicide bombing in Iraq last night was another repeat of what Iraq suffered last week. The shootings in Bangladesh. The bombings in Turkey. Syrians stranded from their country because of the blood shed there. Lives matter. Damn. All lives matter. Black lives. Iraqi lives. Bangladeshi lives. Turkish lives. 2016 has been such a crazy year so far. Killing is the biggest act of cowardice on the planet. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a suicide bomber, a policeman, a sniper or a prime minister sending his troops into a war he has questionable information on…it doesn’t matter whether it’s a teenage gang on the streets of London stabbing a teenage boy fatally in the neck (happened on Monday about 45 mins on the train from me), or warlords all over the world causing death and violence in their lands, attacking innocent civilians, in the tens, hundreds or thousands…this post is about all those things…killing, all killing is cowardice. It’s all the same. Horrific and destructive cowardice. Just because you have a weapon in your hand, you think you are in charge? Dance with your demons first before you try to become an authority. Face your darkness before you call yourself strong and powerful. It takes a real man, a real woman, a real people to look into the eyes of another and treat them as equal, despite any differences they might see. When’s it all going to stop? Right now, I literally can’t see the finish line, it’s all feeling so crazy right now but we gotta do all we can to get to it. Drop the weapons. Drop the racism. Drop the extremism. Drop the pride. Drop the separatism. And let’s go gentle. How much our hearts need each other’s gentleness right now.
–S.c Lourie, all life 

London, July 2016


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