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Celebrate happy endings 

This is so true! I’ve always had a hard time letting go of situations, people, past experiences probably because I’m such a positive and hopeless romantic! When I make an authentic connection with a place, a person it is forever- however- I’m so happy and at peace to be at a place where I can release in a kind and loving way all those past places, connections which no longer serve my highest good. In other words, Dont keep watering the dead flowers instead get busy planting new flowers and watching others bloom.

There are plenty of beautiful new places, new memories, new people to meet and to celebrate the beauty of each day. The magic of every sunset and sunrise.

This is the key to a happy and healthy life. It took a lot of growth and life experience to arrive at this conclusion.

So appreciate the present moment, but let those go who aren’t meant to stay. I was hanging on to one particular relationship for two years after the relationship had ended. Today I was joyous that I finally let it go!


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