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Happy Birthday America

Today is July 4th in America. Our nations Independence Day- a day to celebrate our freedom and be grateful for all the blessings in our lives. I’m sitting here reflecting on all the amazing opportunities and countless blessings I have in my life. We spend so much time focusing on the future moments that we don’t stop to be still and to appreciate the present moment.

Today’s, reflection is dedicated to honoring the present moment. I started writing this blog in 2012, it was an outlet to express myself and to let out so much of what had been hidden- specifically about my past experiences with  my childhood, the usual list of issues ranging from abuse to abandonment, rejection, loneliness, feeling unloved and unworthy and without a purpose driven life. I was functioning on auto pilot and just living day to day- then one day my life changed and I entered a new period of awakening- a phase devoted to shedding and releasing the layers and layers of skin and finally discovering who I was underneath.  The emotional wounds we carry can surface is so many ways- we have to tackle them one at a time- embracing our woundedness and rawness is the bravest thing a person can do- the deeper you go and the more vulnerable you allow yourself to be, the more success you will have- healing can take place- the wounds always remain but they no longer define you- they can be left behind in the past- so you are free to embrace your freedom and to be who you want to be- I’m grateful that with a lot of personal work I was able to destroy the old mask that I had been wearing, pretending to be someone who I wasn’t just because I thought I would be loved and accepted if I acted a certain way or played a role to pretend that everything was ok. Stuffing your feelings and emotions doesn’t make them go away- I’ve finally reconditioned myself and fully embrace all my feelings and emotions. It is ok to feel joy, sadness, anger, shame, love, fear or any other emotion. It is ok to love who you want to love- follow your intuition- live in the moment and for me to celebrate my journey from darkness to the light- every person will come to find their own story of awakening in their unique way- we will meet people through Divine intervention and that jolt will create a dramatic shift and change your trajectory- I have always loved the ocean- I feel at peace and at home ever time I get to watch a sunrise or sunset or just listen to the waves. I never thought that my dream of living by the ocean would come true- but the Universe made that possible- I’m home- I’m free- I’m living by the ocean- everything will be ok now! 💝💝


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