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I Want To Know You

imageI want to peel back your layers of skin

Pry open your ribs and dig through your flesh
Unwrap your heart and crack open your skull
To peer into your mind, to gaze at your soul
I want to unleash your essence, feel your truths
Navigate the maze of your delicate fingerprints
Run my fingers through your past
Flip through your index of memories
I just want to know you

Wade through your thoughts
Slip into your hardships
Shake hands with your sins
Feel the sting of your first love
Bathe in your compassion and wash away your fears
Dream with your subconscious
And become conscious of your dreams
Plunge into your eyes to see all you have seen
Be a pupil in your pupils and reside in your mind’s eye
I just want to know you

Taste your success and the salty sweat of your failures
Wrap my arms around your vulnerability
And absorb your immense strength
Slit open your doubts and drain your worries
Channel your energy and dance with your spirit
Drink in your beliefs and swallow your desires
I just want to know you.
Gillian Berner


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