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Infinite Wisdom

Sometimes you walk into a room and hear someone say exactly what you are needing to hear in the moment. This is true especially when you are feeling like a tidal wave of emotions will unleash if you even open your mouth. You are feeling as if you are a volcano about to explode. You make a choice to hold in the tears, not to let the cauldron of tears flow because if you let the tears out you know they won’t stop. This was me tonight. Sitting in a space feeling uncomfortable and with a heavy heart but containing and summoning my warrior energy into protection mode. Honestly, I felt numb and just stared at the wall when I heard one of the women say to another. I have some great wisdom to share. I think it is from the four agreements. She then shared these words of wisdom.
When someone tells you, you’ve hurt me, I’m feeling sad and alone. The feeling that they’re expressing is that you’ve touched a part of them that is wounded, that the scab has come off and they are bleeding. It is then when they need your love, your compassion, your kindness, your presence. Listen to them. They are not angry with you. They are not hurting you. They are trying to address the wound and you need to be the light that can enter that wound. This is how they can heal.
This was so beautiful and so poignant and what my young wounded child needed to hear tonight. To feel loved and nurtured and not judged or abandoned. So I’m grateful that I went to this place even though I didn’t want to be there. image


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