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Open Space

image Goodnight Blessings,
This past weekend was powerful on many levels; deep reflection, aha moments, transformation, acceptance, release of expectations, vulnerability, truth. The closest bond we have on this Earth as a human is with your parents. This blood connection is unbreakable. Finally the day comes when you have no choice but to step outside of that protective bubble of protection that’s been a part of you since birth. You have to embrace the role of the adult and you see them as another human and not just your parent. Painful moment. All your illusions come crashing down, but if you are brave enough, courageous enough, you can recognize that what you had been telling yourself all these years was just a story playing in your mind. We are the ones who create characters, heros & villains and place individuals on artificial pedestals and expect them to behave in a certain way. So I guess I experienced a very human moment- one that I had been running from for a very long time. All the work the last few years, has prepared me to face with this new circumstance. I pray for wisdom, kindness, warrior energy to sustain me.
Love & Light


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