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Burn Your Soul

image Here we go again! Another major energetic shift this weekend. Missing my twin so much today… 😦


7 thoughts on “Burn Your Soul

  1. I have been through the worst too. Just imagine, my twin is in my country right now and I didn’t go to meet or see him because I feel he will run away at the last moment. I understand the sadness. I am very sad too.

    • Sending you love, light and healing blessings. I take comfort in knowing that this life is very temporary but our soul journey will continue on….and those that are in our permanent soul family will always remain connected to us. It is such a different way of looking at it. Remember
      We are spiritual beings having a human experience and what connects us all is love and energy. ❤

    • So happy to be connected with you too! I will follow your blog. Yes, no one understands what we go through. I don’t talk about this subject with anyone because everyone will think you are crazy. I never believed in paranormal experiences or spirituality. My entire life transformed 3 years ago when my twin entered my life. After a three year roller coaster, everything ended. Sometimes it feels like it was all a dream. Unreal.

      • Awww… three years with me too, three years of torture and bliss. No we are not crazy, we are super intuitive 🙂 so glad to connect 🙂 I joined wordpress to connect with other twin flames and to spread the message that we are real.

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