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How’s Your Thinking Going? 3/17

Keep your face always toward the sunshine—and shadows will fall behind you.”—Walt Whitmanimage

How’s Your Thinking Going?

Exactly one year ago, I was asked this question. That was a very dark day that I will always remember. I abhor discrimination and unfair treatment of anyone. I was surprised to find myself in this uncomfortable position being the target of such behavior. Last year, I couldn’t even process what had happened to me, and before I was able to process the event, my adrenalin kicked into high gear and I tried to handle that day by putting on my game face and acting like what had happened was no big deal. Reflecting back a year later, this experience did shift my perception of others and humanity.
How many times have we heard the saying what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? I asked myself that many times last year, as I had to face one crisis after another. It is human nature to feel sorry for yourself, to try to escape reality, to think of yourself as a victim, to assign blame and the list goes on and on.

What I couldn’t understand back then was that this horrible experience was ordained as part of my life lesson. It was only one microcosmic event. All the adversity we face happens to us for a reason. Unfortunately, our egos and false sense of self don’t let us separate the present situation from the bigger picture. My professional path had deviated into a direction that wasn’t beneficial to my well being. On some level I was aware of this but not to the sense to do something about it, so all of a sudden the universe intervened and created a dramatic shift. If I had not gone through the professional challenges of the last few years, I would not be where I am today. Driving to work today, I can honestly say that I am enjoying my work, my freedom, my environment. I have better life balance. Yes, things aren’t perfect but that is an unrealistic expectation. There will always be some obstacles that we have to encounter.
Irony, was that all of this had happened on St. Patrick’s Day. So perhaps there was some hidden good luck working its magic.
The thinking lesson is that each of us have to face the adversity that is ordained for us. It isn’t fair. Some will have enormous challenges like my young cousin who lost his life at such a young age to Cancer. Tragedies happen every single day. We can’t control what is ordained. My shift in thinking is to focus on the level of free will that you do have.
So regardless of how people treat you. Be mindful and kind when dealing with others but don’t tolerate rude or discriminatory comments.

I’ve believed this for years- meet people where they are-everyone’s journey and path is different.
Lastly, with all the personal growth work I’ve done the last few years, I’ve finally learned to accept myself and to love myself just the way I am. I finally am able to see myself as whole. There is nothing broken, nothing that needs to be fixed. My past or childhood doesn’t define me and I no longer need to take on other people’s stuff.

I’m finally a free spirit! This feels so freaking awesome! So I’m feeling happy that one year later, I can answer this question! How’s my thinking going? My thinking is going great! Thank you for asking.


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