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A Declaration of Sanity

I love reading this author. I get her. Not many people understand the concept of shedding and releasing the darkness that lies within. It doesn’t mean we are depressed or crazy if we read about or write about this side of our soul.

I am not alone by preference.
I am lonely because I’ve chosen
the road less traveled.

I am not undecided, afraid or insecure
I am selective because
I contain multitudes.

I am not depressed,
I’m sad even in my joy,
because I wouldn’t
speak the language of waves,
If I didn’t lose myself in the fire.
And every mirror shows me both:
my darkness and her soul, the light.

I am not crazy,
I am too highly sensitive to the
resounding madness of the world,
so I make up more worlds
to help me deal.

I am what I am. This blessing and
this curse. The nightfall and the dawn.
An ever-changing instant
of infinity. And this beautiful mess
I’m in, is totally okay
by me. Andrea Baltimage


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