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Blessings for a beautiful week. I’m continuing the countdown to spring by sharing images of my favorite flowers. Just read this passage. “You could say that we live at the meeting of love and physics. God cannot miraculously repeal the laws of physics to save humans from pain, no matter how good those humans might be, but that does not mean that there are no miracles. Light, gravity, water, life, love and music are miracles. As we watch, the absence of meaning begins to fill. Not with answers, but with love: the one sure remedy for pain and suffering in a world of many different answers. And that love is poured forth in abundance. You can feel the healing. . .as shattered souls, by the long process, knit themselves back together. Death doesn’t come to an end, but it doesn’t win either. Today, death has again lost the attempt to dominate life, as it always will in the process of life. That is the miracle: the patient application of love counteracts death, and makes even death itself surrender and give over to love.” (From Rob McCall’s book, Small, Misty Mountain: the Awanadjo Almanack)

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