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Personal Reflection


Sometimes you have those nostalgic moments and before you can realize it, you are feeling how you felt when you were a little child. One of life’s tragedies is that we let moments pass without honoring them in a sacred way. At a gathering today, I was reminded how I’ve spent the majority of my life not being able to express my love and affection for my family. A simple gesture such as a hug or the words of I love you, were never ever uttered. I didn’t realize how large a vacuum and gaping hole in my heart this lack of affection and expression had created. Our souls need to feel love, it’s that simple.. So today at the end of the ceremony, I was able to honor everyone there by offering a hug, a warm embrace and I had the courage to whisper in each woman’s ear. I love you! And they said to me…I love you back! Those simple words, my soul has been yearning to hear. I try to share love and affection with others so it can reflect back to me. Tonight my spirit is full of love and support. Goodnight Blessing to all! With love & gratitude TrueSpirit


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