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Inner Journey

“In the normal course of events, most of our life continues on the surface. We are caught up with the routines of daily life in work and pleasure, seldom stopping to look to the heights above or to the depths beneath. Then, when some sort of earthquake occurs – a bereavement, a relationship breakdown, some sort of disappointment, an experience of great joy, a sudden burst of curiosity – the surface is broken and we realise that there is a great dimension of depth to life. Then we start to delve deeper, to enquire about the meaning of things.

Actually, life is full of nudges and prompts to look deeper, but mostly they go unnoticed or unheeded. Every part of life summons us to explore its hidden qualities: a beautiful urban tree at the side of a busy road, an intriguing graffiti image, a distant church bell, the colourful melancholy of an autumn walk, a vague whiff that transports you to another time or place – all these things and more beckon us to comb beyond the surface of life, to reach towards the depth of being itself.

Once we begin the inner journey, we find that it is like peeling an onion, but the onion grows bigger rather than smaller as each layer is removed. However deeply we delve into life’s mysteries there is always more to explore, more to discover. The depths are infinite and inexhaustible. And the name of this infinite and inexhaustible depth to life is ‘God’, the ground of all being, existence itself.”

Dave Tomlinson, The Bad Christian’s Manifesto: Reinventing God (and other modest proposals)image

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