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Healing Dream- Writing For Healing Journal

Sunday Blessings,

As I start to write this journal entry, I have to share that I am feeling giddy. I am smiling. I feel peaceful and my soul is rejoicing.
I have a twinkle in my eye and tears of joy are streaming down my face. This journal entry doesn’t contain any sorrow. During the last few years, I’ve experienced so many powerful intuitive dreams, visions, spirit guided messages and many of them have left me confused and sad. However, last night I experienced the most intuitive soul healing experience. I woke up this morning with my hand on my heart. I touched the place where I used to feel this ache, this hole in my heart. But now the pain has completely dissipated, there is no hurt, no angst at all. My soul feels spirit filled with love, whole and complete. My heart has healed. Yesterday, I didn’t believe this was even possible. I believe 100 percent that this intuitive healing experience is Spirit led.
I had a healing dream and made an intuitive connection with another person. In this dream, we looked into each other eyes and first she spoke her truth and shared everything that was inside of her heart. She released all the fear and pain and spoke from her heart. Next was my turn, and I too had the courage to share all my fear, pain and speak from my heart. Throughout this exchange we were holding hands and our eyes and souls were connected. Neither of us even blinked. There was an embrace and release of emotions. It was a river of tears that flowed but then two beautiful smiles and a calming peace entered the room. All the distance, the ego, the past was erased- all in one magical second. I think it is very fitting that this soul healing occurred this way. Deep down our connection had always been at the soul level, so how poetic that in the end it was the twin souls which healed themselves. No words were spoken at the end. It was a deep knowing that everything is all right.

I’ve shared before how challenging this year has been. I’ve described it as the second worst year of my life. So many sudden, traumatic losses I’ve experienced, so much soul growth. Being in traditional therapy the last few months has helped a little as has meditation and following a self care practice. But being in connection with my higher self and intuitively experiencing this type of soul healing is a gift. This blog has served as a therapeutic outlet. I’m grateful to everyone who has witnessed my journey- the ups and downs. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Peace.
Love, Light and Infinite Blessings.
True Spirit


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