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Help Someone


Morning Blessings,

My greatest joy in this life is when I have an opportunity to connect with another soul and to  do something kind for them, sometimes this might look like me listening to whatever challenges they are facing with a loving and compassionate heart or sometimes I get to help out in a different way. Last week, I met a very young lady who had just lost her family. She had no relatives that could support her and needed a place to stay. I was able to help her find a place to stay as long as she was willing to work hard and be responsible. A week later she has an apartment and a paying job. When I saw her yesterday- she said to me- thank you for believing in me, for helping me have a chance to get my life together. For me, this is what life is about- coming to help our fellow brothers and sisters however we can. We always have a choice. We can make a positive difference in someone’s life.  Love & Light.


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