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Grow Yourself


I ❤ this message.The greatest investment we can make is in ourselves. We have to take care of us before we are able to help others. I shared in another post today about the joy in helping others- that is a very important part of my soul journey- but what I was missing for so long was understanding why I wasn’t successful in relationships. I never believed in traditional therapy! I can’t believe I’m actually sharing this with others… For me going to see a therapist this year for the first time was such a huge step in asking for help. I never understood how pouring your heart and soul out to another stranger would benefit you. But I came to the realization that those of us who are always caught up in taking care of others often neglect themselves to the point of personal destruction.  This year I had experienced so many tragic and sudden losses that it felt like I had lost my equilibrium and that I was in a free fall. The difference this time is that I didn’t try to mask the emotion or find a way to numb the pain. I felt it and embraced it all. The grief, the sadness, the anger, the fear, the hurt- I embraced it all and then a beautiful thing happened. I had nothing to lose. I had released all the fear and attachment and expectations.  For me, it was acknowledging out loud that I was broken, flawed, damaged… I could go on and on. But right after my first visit. I discovered, that I was none of those things that I told myself. All that is just the story we tell ourselves. We have to learn to see ourself from the inside just as the world perceives us from the outside. My life as I knew it shifted from that day forward. My highest priority in my life is to take care and to nurture my soul.  My therapist and I joke about that day now as the day ” the shift” occurred. I can honestly say that today I am a different person . A more healthier person, more whole than I was before. The healing work continues but there is no going back. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help whatever that help looks like. Blessings. 


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