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Peaceful CrossOver

imageIt finally ended today! Ironically, on the sad, third anniversary of a karmic roller coaster ride that had begun in July 2011 and finally concluded today in July 2014. An incredible juxtaposition- I’m happy that I was able to finally help a beautiful and vibrant spirit let go and crossover today in peace after so many years. I’m filled with gratitude that it was a peaceful crossover but at the same time, I’m feeling incredibly sad, the price, I personally paid was an enormous human sacrifice. In the end, it also destroyed a human connection in this, temporary life. I can’t believe it’s finally over.  

Three years ago, I wish I had known where the journey would lead, but of course I was kept in the dark- spirit led connections never let you know where the journey will take you. They are the ones calling the shots.
I guess I’m finally understanding the depth of what it means being connected with that other world. I wish the crossover hadn’t taken so long. However, in my heart I know that I was selected for a special reason. I did the healing work for which I was chosen and now I work on healing myself. I’m feeling blessed that you let go and are now finally able to rest in peace. I will miss our conversations. I understood your fears why it took you so long. I’m blessed to have known you for as long as I did. Perhaps someday those who you left behind will also be at peace. I remember the very first time I had watched the movie “ghost”, I had thought how amazing it would be to be able to do that for someone. I had no idea of my abilities back then, nor did I know that I would experience what I just experienced. This experience was so much more powerful than any movie you could watch. It has been the single most transformational experience of my life. I’m feeling a sense of relief. A sense of peace. My only wish is that I can’t share this news with her loved ones but I think maybe there will be a sign in the stars or the sky. Blessings & Peace


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