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Twin Flame

This is very true!

let it go

Many people use to think Twin Flames are just fun and games and eternal love and holywood style kisses in the sunset. Sorry, it’s not. It’s perhaps the most intimidating, frightening….and potentially life-altering experience a soul can have. Why ?

Because out Twin Flames comes to burn our “world”…meaning everything we thought constant, solid in our lives. He/she comes as the other half of our Soul….and trust me, few have the guts or maturity or the responsibility to handle this. Because the TwinFlame WILL trigger the Shadow in us, that’s his/her Karmic role. Why is this ? Because Twin Flame’s are destined to come together in their last incarnation. And for it to be the last, it means no darkness can remain buried, disguised, undercover deep in both their souls.

Our Twin Flame is not the dream lover who will make us totally happy in this incarnation. This is meaningless…

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One thought on “Twin Flame

  1. I was ‘whacked in the head by a brick:’ a Twinflame encounter/meeting. Yeah, it is all that. I’ve never known such love, such happiness, such beauty, such perfection could possibly exist. I would only sully her, I am not ready, I have a long ways to go. “Until we meet again….”

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