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New Life

Morning Blessings, I guess I must have been in shock yesterday. I didn’t process how close to death I was yesterday. Near death experiences can shift your conscience. The only reason my car wasn’t struck at the intersection was because I hesitated when the light changed color. My guardian angel must have been protecting me, as soon as I looked up the car went through and hit the other cars. If I had crossed the intersection as it was my right of way then I would have been the one to get hit and the high speed that the other car was traveling at combined with the fact that the driver made no effort to brake made me realize that I would not have survived. I reflected on the fact that how would have my loved ones been notified. How would they have felt? I wouldn’t have had a chance to sy goodbye. So today I reached out to all my friends and family with a message to please be careful when you are driving in traffic. No distraction is worth losing your life or causing a crash that results in someone else losing their life. Second part of the message is to be at peace with the world. I want to be at peace with everyone. I hope to leave a legacy of peace and hope. 





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