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If Tomorrow Never Comes

This message just arrived in my mail today so I sense the universe sending me messages. First with the car crash and now this one. I read an article how people who were supposed to be on flights that crash have a sense of survivors guilt. I guess I’m feeling some of that today. I forgot to mention that the reason why I hesitated to cross the traffic light was because I was admiring the beautiful cloud in the perfect blue sky. I can’t believe it. My love for the Divine spared my life. How strange is that?

And if not now, when?
–The Talmud

It’s so easy to put things off. Sometimes we’re like Scarlet O’Hara, who hoped and dreamed for a better life by saying, “There’s always tomorrow.” But is there always a tomorrow? If we live too many of our days counting on tomorrows, we may find ourselves putting off achievements and growth now.

What if tomorrow never came? What if all of our time to do what we wanted was put in the hours left in today? We’d be scurrying around like mice trying to cram as much as we could into this short period of time. But today, not having such a deadline, we believe our time is endless and no goal or task is so important that it can’t be put off.

The time to achieve is now. The time to live is now. For as long as we believe tomorrow will come, we’ll be living for tomorrow. If we don’t believe today is the greatest gift we could receive, we’ll never know how to live for today. Everything we want to achieve, to learn, to share can begin today. If we don’t live the best we can right now, then when?

Higher Power, help me learn to use my time wisely. Help me avoid putting things off.

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