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Goodnight Blessings,
I’m still shaken up from witnessing the horrific car crash today. I can’t seem to get the image of the crash or the sound of the metal when the car impacted. I actually drove back to the site a while back to see how it would make me feel. There were no skid marks meaning the car that crashed didn’t even try to brake. So in a blink of any eye, everything changed, that’s how long it can take to lose a life.
I preach this over and over again but it’s important. Life is short! We must be kind, loving and compassionate always. Don’t hold anger, resentment, grudges or any other sentiment that prevents you from embracing the precious time we have. How would you spend your day if you knew it was your last? All day, when I started to feel sad, I reflected back to my image of being in the water this weekend. Watching the waves, the moon and stars, I felt the Divine presence hugging me. I connected with my heartbeat. As long as it beats I can fill spirit moving within me and giving me strength and courage.
Love, Light, Peace, & Harmony


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