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Noble Seeking (Duet)

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They were two clouds
The sky was their home
Clouds that connected
But were forced to part

Now they roam the Earth
Hearts heavy with rain
Broken apart
Yearning to be whole again

Desperately seeking
Just a glance would suffice
They live in each other
O’ but to be side by side

Their heart opens up
The heavens do too
A bridge to connect lovers
Is what a rainbow will do

When the journey is tiring
They look up to the skies
Love and hope gives them strength
Fate says they must try

So they wander the world
But its never in vain
For spending a lifetime
Searching for Love
Is the most noble of things


This duet was written with the absolutely wonderful Belinda at http://busymindthinking.com/ Aside from being one of my favourite people here on wordpress she is a great writer who has put together an amazing…

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