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The Path

The Path

Words of Wisdom
This morning I had an opportunity to meditate for a little while longer than I usually do each day. During the meditation, I received a message, I didn’t write it down afterwards and now I’ve forgotten a part of the message. But I do remember the part about looking within and asking the question, Am I happy? Am I fulfilling my purpose? Am I on the right path? I get these reminders from time to time, so it’s good to check in with yourself and take a pulse of how you are feeling.

I’ve recently recognized through the self improvement work I’ve done over the last few years that I have the power to change a lot of what is happening in my life; stress, diet, finances, and relationships. I have wisdom and self awareness to know I am in control. For me this is a big shift in my thinking and attitude, I’m someone who used to live on the drama triangle, surrounded by codependent relationships. The pattern of victim, persecutor and rescuer kept repeating unless I recognized the negative charge and toxicity it can bring in your life. One experiences growth when one experiences a spiritual crisis, illness, loss or other dramatic change in life, that is how it happened for me personally-
Inner peace didn’t happen quickly, it has been a very slow journey- I’m finally at the other side! I have no regrets, only wounds translated into wisdom. I hope others can reflect and see how your life journey is teaching you the lessons you need to experience growth.

Blessings to all


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