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I Refuse

I Refuse

Had a conversation with an amazing man. I was so lucky to have caught him. He is 86 years young! He’s been in my life for about 12 years now. He is a lawyer by trade, actually represented my parents when they were getting divorced. I had struck a bond with him whenever I would accompany my mom to his office. I’ve kept up with him over the years. Today, as I was feeling sad and lonely, I called him and he was at his office. We had a great chat about life, what’s important. No matter what happens, he always stays positive and grateful for the many blessings in his life. I told him that I would miss him so much if something happened to him and he chuckled and said to me. Don’t worry I plan to be around for at least another 15 years. He put a smile on my face today. So today, I honor this wonderful man and am so grateful for this connection. We need to surround ourselves with the wise ones. They keep us focused on what’s important. Hope everyone has a wise elder they can count on when they need a sounding board or someone to cheer them up.


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